Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Exclusive Global Knives

Our websites are currently offering this Exclusive Global Knife 5 Piece Block Set, with the elegant Ship Shape knife block and 5 of the most popular Global Knives.
There are a variety of offers associated with the knife set across our websites...
On our Pots and Pans website, we are giving a FREE MinoSharp ceramic knife sharpener, plus FREE GB delivery, when you buy the knife set.
On Cookware Online, we are giving away a FREE set of Salter Add & Weigh scales, plus FREE GB delivery with this 5 Piece Global Knives Set.
Our Cooks Knives website is giving away a FREE Rupert Rowley chopping board with the Exclusive Global Knife Set, as well as FREE GB delivery.
Take your pick of the offers, but hurry - we've limited stocks of these sets!

Friday, 30 April 2010

TV and Cookware

Raymond Blanc by AnolonOne thing I’ve never understood…. how do TV chefs influence the general public so much with the gadgets and pots and pans that they use? Take Delia Smith for example, our sales of the Kenwood CH180 Mini Choppers went through the roof when she used it once on a show. Simple Suppers love their Le Creuset items, as does Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and he also has his KitchenAid Blender on hand. Raymond Blanc has his own line of cookware (even if on TV he dissed his own whisk when it wouldn’t sit across the pan, then realised it was his own brand!). Something for the Weekend have shelves filled with gadgets that I’ve never seen them use, such as the Henckels Twin Pollux knife stand, however the Great British Menu competitors seem to like (and use) their Henckels Twin Cuisine Oval Knife Blocks, and I’ve seen them using Circulon (my favorite pan by far) on the show. Jamie Oliver has his own brand of pans, tools, knives and small electricals, which sell very, very well. James Martin cannot be far behind him – his range includes collaborations with Denby, the famous tableware manufacturer. Is it the chef name that does it? The fact the chef has used it? Or the quality of the items? I’m never too sure what leads the purchase...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Le Creuset Cassis

Le Creuset Cassis

Pots and Pans have taken delivery of the latest cookware from our most popular brand: Le Creuset Cassis. Juicy ripe berry shades look so tempting in any recipe - it’s little wonder Le Creuset created Cassis! From vibrant plums to vivid violets, purple shades create a warm, sumptuous look and feel in the home. Le Creuset Cassis brings to the kitchen a deep delicious purple that will appeal to those wanting to make a bold style statement. The Cassis Cast Iron collection includes round casseroles, oval casseroles and shallow casseroles, plus a square grillit. The Cassis Stoneware collection features rectangular dishes, fluted flan, pie dish, a pair of ramekins, petite casserole, utensil jar and mug.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Australian’s Women’s Weekly Cookbooks prove to be a surprise success

Last year we expanded the range of Australian’s Women’s Weekly Cookbooks that we stock on our website. Initially we had trialled selling a limited selection of their cookery titles. This was a change in direction for us, before this we had stuck to selling traditional cookware and kitchenware. We are glad that we took advantage of this opportunity, feedback from our customers has shown that this has been a popular decision.

To begin with we only stocked a limited selection of titles from Australian’s Women’s Weekly or AWW as they are sometimes referred to. The popularity of these titles led us to quickly expand the number of titles that we stocked from their extensive range. Perhaps we should not have been so surprised by the success these cookery books have enjoyed. Australian Women’s Weekly or AWW have always been among the best selling cookery books. They have been publishing recipe books now for over 30 years now. In that time they have sold over 70 million books in over 100 countries, their books have also been translated into over a dozen languages.

Every recipe that is contained in their books was originally created in their Test Kitchen. Before it is added to one of their books it has to be tested three times in the Test Kitchen. This is done so that they can ensure that the ingredients and instructions will always produce the best results. After being tested on three separate occasions a recipe receives the Australian Women’s Weekly unique triple tested logo. Every recipe that then makes into one of their recipe books also has a photograph especially commissioned to help illustrate the recipe.

The books are aimed at both people who have very little experience of cooking as well as the more confident home chef. The books have been designed so that on one level they will inspire the reluctant chef into giving the recipes a try while at the same time being of interest to more experienced chefs who can also find recipes that they want to attempt.

We currently stock a wide selection of AWW books, these includes titles such as the Beginners Cooking Class, Foods of the Mediterranean Cookbook, speciality books including Vegetarian Meals in Minutes and the Gluten Free Cooking Mini Book as well as a book dedicated to Cocktails.

Due to the success we had with the Australian Women’s Weekly recipe books we decided to expand the range of cookbook that we stock. More recently we added a wide selection of books from the Quadrille Publishing range. These include books by chefs including Anjum Anand, Gordon Ramsay, Mary Berry and James Martin. In the future when we believe that there are other suitable cookery books that our customers will be interested in we add endeavour to add to these site as well.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Krups and Magimix Coffee Machines on Special Promotion

Pots and Pans have just launched a ’Special Promotion on Coffee Machines’, this promotion includes discounts on some of the best selling coffee machines from Magimix and Krups. Included in this promotion are several coffee machines designed for use with the Nespresso capsule system.

There are discounts on a wide selection of Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machines. As part of our Coffee Machine promotion we have taken £40 off the price of our best selling Magimix Coffee Machine, the black version of the Nespresso M190 CitiZ & Co. We are now selling this model at only £229.99. This is one of Magimix’s range of coffee makers that are built to use the Nespresso capsule system.

Nespresso is a system developed by Nestlé where the coffee comes in sealed capsules which can be used in specially built coffee machines designed to use this system. As well as being created so that they are quick and easy to use the main benefit of this system is that it delivers the perfect espresso every time. The capsules are available in a wide variety of flavours and strengths including decaffeinated. Nespresso capsules are continuing to grow in popularity, Magimix, Krups, DeLonghi and Siemens all make coffee machines designed for use with the Nespresso system.

The Magimix Nespresso M190 CitiZ & Co is unique among coffee machines in that it allows you to make two cups of coffee at the same time. If you only want to make one coffee at a time then the Nespresso M190 CitiZ is the machine that you will be interested in. We have taken £15 off the price of the black version of the M190 for the duration of our ‘Special Coffee Machine Promotion’, it is now selling at only £135. If you would prefer the cream version of the Nespresso M190 CitiZ then this has also been reduced in price, we are now selling this model £139.99 which is £10 below its normal recommended retail price.

Another version of the Magimix Nespresso M190 is the CitiZ & Milk frother machine. This variation of the M190 has a built in milk frother which is ideal for making cappuccinos and lattes. During our coffee machine promotion we have taken £30 off this machine which means that it is now only £169.99.

As well as these discounts on the various versions of the popular M190 we have also reduced the price of various models of the Magimix Nespresso M100, including £10 off the red and silver versions.

This promotion extends so that it includes Krups coffee machines, several of which have been discounted. The price for all standard Nescafé Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machines have been reduced by £40, this means that we are currently selling Dolce Gusto machines at an incredibly low price of £89.99. This includes the increasingly popular red version of the Dolce Gusto as well as the black and ivory models. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Dolce Gusto is its highly innovative and stylised design which sets it a part in appearance from all other coffee machines. Presently it is one of our best selling coffee machines not just by Krups but from any coffee machine manufacturer.

The Nescafé Krups Dolce Gusto Circulo has also had its price discounted. This is now available to buy for £129.99, this is £30 below its normal retail price. This uses the same technology as the Dolce Gusto but features as the name suggests a unique circular design which is again highly distinctive and again sets its well apart from all other coffee machines in its appearance.

Both the standard model and the Circulo Dolce Gusto have been built to use the Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsule system, this has also been designed to ensure that using one of these machines is both easy and quick to make the perfect espresso every time that you use the machine.

The various models of the Krups Nespresso CitiZ have also been reduced, including a £20 discount on the version with the built in milk frother. These machines have been built to use the Nespresso capsule system.

All of the discounts have been put in place to make it easier and more affordable than at any other time for you to buy a new coffee machine or maker. Our cookware and kitchenware Winter Sale is also still running.

Le Creuset and Global Knives Special Offers

We have added new special offers on Le Creuset Kone Kettles and a Global Knives Knife Set to our cookware and kitchenware winter sale. Now when you buy a Black Le Creuset Kone Kettle you will also receive a free a Le Creuset Breakfast Collection Mug. If you buy the Global G-666/KB: 7 Piece Kitchen Knife Gift Case Set you will receive a free MinoSharp Knife Sharpener.

As part of our winter sale we have already discounted Le Creuset Kone Kettles by a staggering 20%. We are now selling all colours of the Kone Kettle for £39.20, this is instead of the normal recommended retail price of £49.00. Now, if you buy the Kone Kettle in black we will also give you a free Le Creuset Breakfast Collection Mug.

The second of the new Special Deals that we are now offering is to give everyone who buys a Global G-666/KB: 7 Piece Gift Case Set a free MinoSharp Knife Sharpener. We have also reduced the price of this Knife Set, it is currently available to buy on our website for £450, that is £112 below its normal recommended retail price.

The Knife set consists of seven individual Global knives, containing the following knives:

• G-2, 20cm cook's knife
• G-4, 18cm oriental cook's knife
• G-21, 16cm boning knife
• GS-5, 14cm vegetable chopper
• GS-9, 8cm tomato knife
• GS-11, 15cm flexible utility knife
• GSF-15, 8cm forged peeling knife

It also comes with a quality presentation case which features the branding specially designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Global Knives. The MinoSharp Knife Sharpener was designed specifically for using with Global Knives.

If you visit the Winter Sale page of our website you will find details about the other deals that are currently on offer. These include special offers on an I.O. Shen Knife Set, a Denby Dining Set and a Alessi Kettle. There is also a wide range of other items that have been reduced as part of our cookware and kitchenware winter sale. You might also be interested in our Pan Sets Special Offers or Knife Sets Special Offers pages, both of which contain some fantastic bargains.

There is still time to enter our New Year Prize Draw, you have until midday on the 1st of February to get your entry in. Remember that this month one lucky person will win a Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine, a 5 Hard Anodized Piece Pan set by Circulon 2 and a Judge Sabatier 5 Piece Wooden Knife Block Set. These three items combined are worth £568.95. If you fancy trying your luck you should visit the competition page on our website.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Additional Special Offers added to our Winter Sale

We have added even more Special Offers, bargains and free gifts to our online cookware and kitchenware winter sale. Now if you buy a Denby China Squares 16 Piece Set we will give you a free Denby China medium Serving Dish, or if you buy an Alessi MG32 Cordless Kettle in Black we will give you a free Judge Induction 26cm frying Pan.

Denby Pottery has always been one of our best selling brands, among the different ranges that Denby produce the Denby China range is undoubtedly one of the most popular. The range of products within this range are characterised by the combination of clean, simplistic, contemporary design with an exacting attention to detail. It is china that has been designed specifically for modern life. We decided to take one of the most popular products within this range, the China Squares 16 Piece dining set, which we have already discounted by an incredible £121 and make purchasing this item even more attractive by giving away a free Denby China medium Serving Dish. The normal recommended retail price for this particular Serving Dish is £23.

Another brand that is always one of our most popular is Alessi. It is famous for the iconic designs of its products. We decided to take one of our best selling Alessi products and make purchasing it in our Winter Sale an even more attractive proposition. Now when you buy an Alessi MG32 Cordless Kettle in Black you will also receive free a Judge Induction 26cm Frying Pan which has the normal recommended retail price of £24.

These are the just latest special offers to be added to our Winter Cookware and Kitchenware Sale. We are still offering special offers on a wide variety of products including the I. O. Shen Mastergrade 5 Piece Magnetic Knife Block Set, the Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine and the Robert Welch Signature 4 Piece Knife and Sharpener Set. As well as our Special Offers we have offering some massive discounts on a wide variety of products.

Don’t forget that there is still time to enter our January Free Prize Draw. This month, in a special competition to mark the start of a new year and a new decade we are giving somebody the chance to win a Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine, a Circulon Pan Set and a Judge Knife Set. For more details of this exciting competition you should visit the Competition Page of the Pots and Pans website.